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hack part1.wad if you could take a look and see if you can find any similar codes? Got it today and it's awesome. But I have a little problem. When I play the game after installing a new hack I cannot exit the game through the menu, I can exit by pressing A+B+C but after that I have no idea how to leave the game and go back to the menu. Help me please! Could you please tell me what is the full title of this game or what is it's name in English? Thanks in advance! Last edited by andrew.ali on Sun May 03, 2007 4:47 am, edited 1 time in total. Did you try pressing A+B+C? If that doesn't work for you, you could try reinstalling the game by opening it in a zsnes emulator (or in your regular emulator), then right click on it and press Reset, and then Uninstall it. And if that doesn't work try resetting your emulator (which is usually C-A-B or C-Y-X). Haha! I just found out that, in zsnes, pressing Y works the same as the A+B+C in that it exits the game for me. Thanks. I found the second problem with the game too. It's the japanese text. Some of the text is japanese, some is english, some of it is japanese text with an english translation. For example, in this line of text, the japanese text appears over top of the english text: ...This is a sample of an enchanting dialogue between a witch and a lord. Enjoy Sorry, I don't know anything about Japanese so I can't help you there. If you don't mind me asking, what is "Enchanting Dialogue"? If it is a conversation between a character and a wizard, then it is a mage conversation. If it is a conversation between a character and another character, then it is a regular conversation. ...This is a sample of an




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Dot Hack Infection Pnach idaene

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